How to use General Leang

General Leang: Class AAAA Dragon General

General Leang Tigress

The Tigress is the most powerful General among all. She has all the three superweapons, and other advantages like-

      • All buildings can use mines.
      • All Superwepons
      • Aurora Bombers
      • Both Gatling Cannon and Defense Turret
      • Paladin tank, Overlord, helix, chinook, Aurora Bomber King Raptor and MIG are available
      • Best units of all three sides.
      • And many more I can’t remember right now.

BUT, there is one big disadvantage of this general is, she doesn’t have any terrain revealing technology, doesn’t have any tech building (the other tech upgrades than terrain revealing capability are available in the superweapons). You have to play blindly, as you can’t make plan if you can’t see the whole terrain. You can make a strategy if you know the map already.


Installing the mod file is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download the zip file on your computer.
  2. Extract it and you will get an “INI” folder with two .ini files in it
  3. Go to your C&C Generals Zero Hour installation directory (like, C:\progrom files\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour).
  4. Get into the data folder (C:\progrom files\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\data).
  5. You will see and “INI” folder there. Normally the folder is empty (though I have a .big file in mine)
  6. If the folder is empty, simply overwrite the folder. Copy the INI folder that you extracted and paste it to the game’s installation directory. (C:\progrom files\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\data)
  7. If the INI folder in the installation directory isn’t empty, enter the INI folder you have just extracted, Copy the two .ini file to your clipboard and paste them into the INI folder in the game directory.
  8. Start the Game.
  9. Go to Solo>Challenge and select the Infantry General and you will see the Boss General appears.
  10. You can also select her in skirmish by selecting the Infantry General.
  11. You can also use her when you are playing in mutliplayer with your friends, BUT BE SURE that they also have the mods in their own PCs.

Here is a video to have your visual instructions.

Feel Free to write comments if you like it or face any problem.



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